UGLY ANNEALER Without Torch USA STOCK Free Shipping Lower 48 of THE USA

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FULL FACTORY LIFETIME WARRANTY Free Shipping in USA  for the  LOWER 48  Please note. This one does NOT include  torch.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in

3 reviews for UGLY ANNEALER Without Torch USA STOCK Free Shipping Lower 48 of THE USA

  1. Judith Patton (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband for an anniversary present after being married 20 years I felt like he deserved to have something he really wanted haha 😆.
    It was very well packaged and it came in timely manner. I have nothing but good to say about Charles , I contacted him being a woman I was not familiar with the ins and the outs and he was very professional . Thank you again!

  2. Matt Eggett

    I have always borrowed my friends annealers, won’t say the name brand… And I almost ordered one, but after watching the videos on the ugly annealer, and finding that you can’t talk to ppl on the other brands, and Carl put his number on the website… Making communication so simple, and actually speaking to me for about 35-40 minutes, answering all my questions, I ordered the ugly annealer from him. Was on backorder, but I was willing to wait for the customer support he had already given me, and not yet a customer even. So, it arrives, I put it together with instructions via the qr code. Simple too btw… And today I finally ran it. Holy crap! What an absolute UNIT! SOOO smooth, quiet, fast swap out of inserts for different brass, wheels truly roll your cases, 10/10 simply put! Thanks for an awesome unit of a machine!

  3. Garrett

    It was very well packaged and easy to set up. I’ve only ran a couple hundred rounds through is so far, but it’s been great.

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